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Transmission Shops USA

 We are the only exclusive transmission shop directory in America.

We are experts in creating new customers and phone calls for local transmission service providers such as yours.

Why do we focus on transmission shops?  We are having great success in running digital campaigns for a transmission business in the Birmingham metro area, so we decided to offer this service nationwide.

The best part of your listing is that we only advertise one transmission shop per city on our directory. That means this is an exclusive opportunity for your business. 

At this point you might be asking yourself: “What is the cost of this service and what is the catch?”

There is no catch and there is no long term contract. If we don’t produce new phone calls and new potential customers you pay nothing.

How campaigns perform is determined by what is known as the “Click Through Rate”, and the worldwide average is 2%. Our campaign has a CTR of over 7%, which is 350% higher than average.

With other marketing companies you could pay up to $5000 per month for similar services… but not with us. 

We have created two affordable and effective packages, our Kickstarter and Turbo Package.

The Kick starter Package is $ 500 per month.

The Turbo Package is $1000 per month.

And it gets even better. For a LIMITED TIME, 50% of the monthly fee is put back into the campaign to ensure a successful launch.

Every campaign includes call tracking and monthly reporting, with more comprehensive packages available upon request.

Don’t forget, we are only looking for one transmission shop in your city, plus we offer a 100% money back guarantee so give us a call or fill out the form today.